Review Policy Update

First of all, go hereSunday Afternoon Visits: October 11: FTC, JOMB, and Book Awards for a cogent analysis of the differing opinions on the recent FTC guidelines (and to the This Is Not My Blogosphere for an "outside the litblog" perspective).

So, what, exactly is my review policy? I'll be upfront: I'm a biblioholic. Thing One thinks I need to cut back on my habit, and Thing Two would concur if he wasn't as into CDs/LPs as I am into books. I love me my free books, most of which I pick up at conferences (and some by asking, nicely, for a copy from the publisher).

Having said that, I'm not afraid to give a bad review. Free does not (in my mind) equal a quid pro quo for the positive review. As publishers hand out books, or leave them in great piles for us to take, they must realize that they run the risk of hearing criticism. The idea that some reviewers might accept more than a free book in exchange for their review? Abhorrent.

When I write a review, my goal is to give readers a bit of my reading experience (often difficult to do without spoiling, but I do try!). Publishers can take that or leave that, their choice.

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