Rethinking Clutter

I'm in pre-Thanksgiving mode, cleaning and listmaking. And thinking about the cleaning as I read my clutter blogs.

Most say "make your bed daily". I'd like to, but at the time I'm ready to make it, Bogie and Mallory are snuggling into the comforter for their early morning nap. Even if I kick them off the bed, they'll just find a way under the covers for their daily snooze, which means that when I get home the bed will look remarkably unmade all over again. So I tidy it up and hope that Bogie won't have one of his "let me bring the comforter downstairs" moments.

The other Clutter Clues are that you should keep all surfaces tidy, do the dishes immediately and hang your coat up when you get in. All good things, all things that my mother also taught me. But... I live alone. Ok, I do live with The Boys (which occasionally, like next week, becomes The Gang of Four) but I'm talking about humans. Sometimes there are other humans here, but mostly it's just me. Keeping things a little cluttered makes me feel a little less alone, as though someone else is making the mess. Silly? Perhaps. But as Coming Clean says, you need to make clutter work for you.

My advice to you, dear reader, is to do the same. Find ways to make any system work for you, be it decluttering or simply organizing. You'll feel more comfortable in your home if you do.

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