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Those who care, don't judge, and those who judge, don't care.
Living on Both Ends
(yes, I struggle with this daily)


Review Policy Update

First of all, go hereSunday Afternoon Visits: October 11: FTC, JOMB, and Book Awards for a cogent analysis of the differing opinions on the recent FTC guidelines (and to the This Is Not My Blogosphere for an "outside the litblog" perspective).

So, what, exactly is my review policy? I'll be upfront: I'm a biblioholic. Thing One thinks I need to cut back on my habit, and Thing Two would concur if he wasn't as into CDs/LPs as I am into books. I love me my free books, most of which I pick up at conferences (and some by asking, nicely, for a copy from the publisher).

Having said that, I'm not afraid to give a bad review. Free does not (in my mind) equal a quid pro quo for the positive review. As publishers hand out books, or leave them in great piles for us to take, they must realize that they run the risk of hearing criticism. The idea that some reviewers might accept more than a free book in exchange for their review? Abhorrent.

When I write a review, my goal is to give readers a bit of my reading experience (often difficult to do without spoiling, but I do try!). Publishers can take that or leave that, their choice.

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Photo Fun

I don't know if you can actually read the marquee, but New Moon is playing here. Yes, a Bloodmobile is parked right outside. As they say, timing is everything.

Thing One pointed this out:

Now look at the picture:

Don't know how to break it to either HBO or the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, but that looks an awful lot like Stephen Stills. Crosby looks like this.


Rethinking Clutter

I'm in pre-Thanksgiving mode, cleaning and listmaking. And thinking about the cleaning as I read my clutter blogs.

Most say "make your bed daily". I'd like to, but at the time I'm ready to make it, Bogie and Mallory are snuggling into the comforter for their early morning nap. Even if I kick them off the bed, they'll just find a way under the covers for their daily snooze, which means that when I get home the bed will look remarkably unmade all over again. So I tidy it up and hope that Bogie won't have one of his "let me bring the comforter downstairs" moments.

The other Clutter Clues are that you should keep all surfaces tidy, do the dishes immediately and hang your coat up when you get in. All good things, all things that my mother also taught me. But... I live alone. Ok, I do live with The Boys (which occasionally, like next week, becomes The Gang of Four) but I'm talking about humans. Sometimes there are other humans here, but mostly it's just me. Keeping things a little cluttered makes me feel a little less alone, as though someone else is making the mess. Silly? Perhaps. But as Coming Clean says, you need to make clutter work for you.

My advice to you, dear reader, is to do the same. Find ways to make any system work for you, be it decluttering or simply organizing. You'll feel more comfortable in your home if you do.


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Better late than never (aka My Review Policy)

I've been really slow in my reading the past couple of months, which may mean that I don't reach last year's record 180 read! Not quite sure why the slowdown or what the cure is, but it seems like a good time to talk about reviews.

As some of you may know, the FTC started issuing new guidelines about posting reviews, accepting ARCs, etc.. The Big Question on everyone's mind was: what will the fall-out be? Can I blog my reviews on my review blog, post them on FB, use GoodReads/LibraryThing, whatever? Even the Wall Street Journal weighed in.

The answer seems to be, I can do anything I want as long as I indicate where I got the book, and be upfront about any other compensation received. Unlike LizB, I'm not an Amazon Associate (although I will no longer point people to Powells when recommending or listing a book; I prefer "real" bookstores to Amazon, and yes I'm a snob about that. Deal with it.).

So what is a review? Shannon Hale has some good advice.


National Clean Your Fridge Day

Rather than taking it easy on Sunday, I'll be "celebrating" National Clean Your Refrigerator Day. Admit it - yours could use a good clean, too. Particularly with Thanksgiving on the horizon. Learn more here.

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