Am I worthy?

According to the NYC Heat Guidelines, between October 1 and May 1, landlords are required to provide for their tenents when the outside temperature falls below 55F (day; it's below 40F at night). During those times, the heat should meet a <i>minimum</i> of 68F degrees from 6am through 10pm and a <i>minimum</i> of 55F the rest of the time.

The temperature where I live isn't that low... ish, so I haven't turned on my heat. It'll be under 40 for a few hours late tonight. On the other hand, the temperature inside is currently a toasty 61F.

At what temperature will I decide that I'm worthy of a little heat?


mark zip said...

A what point are you worthy of heat? The point at which you're inside your house and you say to yourself "Hmmmm, perhaps I should put on a hat?... Or maybe I might strap a kittie to my noggin..."

Aravis said...

Hopefully before you find yourself identifying with The Little Match Girl.