Not quite brave enough

It's erev Yom Kippur and despite my not being at all a religious Jew (you know, because of the whole being a Quaker now thing), it's a time of reflection. There's a lot whirling around in my lazy little mind - work things, professional things, personal things - and most of all I want to shout Stop. World. I. Want. To. Get. Off. ... or at least have a brief sabbatical.

I've been feeling as though what I need, in lieu of sabbatical, is a good shoulder (or five) to cry on, to moan to, and to pick myself up filled with resolve on how to get things done better/more sanely/more efficiently, bolstered in the knowledge that my BFFs are totally there for me. The problem is, I'm not brave enough to share many of these things with my BFFs. Yep, I know, that's what they're there for but still... I don't even share some of these things with The Boys!

I look at other blogs, like Unwellness and Little Lambs Eat Ivy and DogKat, and think "gosh. very brave. too brave." Some people at MPOW read this blog. Sometimes my parents check in. And then there are all those that I know in real life that read (all five of you - an elite, but important group).

Anyway, if I'm not around as much, that's why. I'm cowering in a corner somewhere.


Wendy said...

You KNOW you have my shoulder!

Alice in Infoland said...

YOM -- here as needed.

Jandy said...

This is such a terrible feeling for you! As a loyal (if sporadic) reader friend, I understand and feel for you. Please go talk to someone, even if you don't reveal everything. It's important for your own health.