Deja vu

This morning I was watching the news, trying to determine exactly what the weather had in mind so I could dress appropriately. Then a commercial came on - a commercial for Maxwell House ("good to the last drop").

It struck me then that coffee commercials have pretty much disappeared from the tv. I can't remember the last time I heard about Nescafe, Folgers, Chock-Full-O-Nuts, Taster's Choice or any other brand.

Maybe this is a sign of the times: it's cheaper to brew your own than it is to go to Starbucks. Maybe there's something else going on. Whatever, it reminded me of years gone by... in a good way.

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The Sassy Librarian said...

I feel that way when the holidays arrive (all too early, sometimes). Do you notice how few perfume or board game commercials are on the rest of the year? And I always, always choke up at the Hallmark commercials that have been shown for about 15 years (the one of the little boy waiting to sing with his older brother, who sneaks in at the last moment, has me veklempt right now!).