Better Late Than Never (part two)

I've known Irene for a year, ever since our wonderful lunch at Millbrook. So how thrilled am I that her book on BFF breakups has been published? Very.

And how upset am I that on my day of resting, I totally missed National Women's Friendship Day? Again, very.

From her blog:
The day is intended to provide an opportunity for women to recognize those friends who play important roles in their lives and to acknowledge how vital female friendships are to women's health and emotional well-being at every stage of life. "Our main goal is to encourage women to recognize the value of female friendship, something that is often taken for granted," says Melanie Schild, Executive Director of Kappa Delta Sorority, the creator of the holiday. "For this tenth anniversary of the day, we encourage women to celebrate the entire month of September."

Whew! I missed the day, but I still have a few days left in the month. Among the ideas that Irene's shared with her readers:

• Plan a girls-only night out, a girls' night in, or weekend getaway
• Meet for brunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant
• Join with friends to participate in a 5K walk or other fundraising event for a good cause
• Organize a book club with female friends and acquaintances
• Reconnect with a friend from the past - Find her on Facebook and make the first call or send a card
• Send your female friends a positive, uplifting message to build their confidence
Join a girlfriend circle
Best of all, celebrate your female friends!

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