Better Late Than Never (part one)

I should have posted this two days ago, but 10098 Days Till the End of the Year is still a healthy chunk of time, right? As Beth suggests,
For the past two years I have done the Goal's Guy 100 Day Challenge which supports you in your finishing up some of those goals... I want you to think of at least one goal you'd like to focus on for the rest of the year. You can make changes to your life.
I've been pondering the ways in which I can change my life in the next 98 days. One of the extra duties I have at MPOW is to be the Monitor on Duty. This requires me to stand in front of the Middle School for about 30min each morning for a week, greeting students as they arrive. We now have a No Talking on the Cell Phone While Driving rule on campus, but more important to the lives of our students is the way in which they're tied electronically to each other and their parents.

What's the connection? Just one post previously, Beth pleaded with us to Enjoy the People You Are With
Today was a gorgeous 74 degree day with a light breeze. The kids and I saw tons of people on our walk.

I also saw something that surprised me. Many of those people were talking on their cell phones completely ignoring the people they were with. Most which looked annoyed. Kids trying to talk to moms who aren't listening. Wives walking besides husbands who are listening to someone else. Husbands being ignored by wives chatting on the phone. Friends walking together, but one of them is talking on the phone.

What if we all resolved to enjoy the people we're with - to really listen to them, to turn off our electronic tethers to other people and be with just one person at a time? If "always" seems to be too much, what about just for the next 10098 days?

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