My new Canadian friends

Just got back from a long weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake's Shaw Festival (about which more later). You know how much I hate leaving The Gang, even though I know they're in very good hands while I'm gone.

Well... here are my new friends, who very kindly helped me get over missing everyone:




Their humans, Gloria and Henry, run a lovely B&B, Bernard Gray Hall. I can't recommend staying there highly enough!


Aravis said...

How sweet! It seems almost like being at home. :0)

Jandy said...

That's like walking into a bookstore and finding a furry friend. (Well, they're friends until they leave a 3" diameter of white hair on your black pants as you're leaving for work, but that's another story...) When we toured New England a few years back we found a friend in one of the tourist shops. I have pics of my Mom making up to him. He loved it. And apparently, so did you this weekend.

Lazygal said...

They were the biggest mushes! I think my parents weren't thrilled with the kissing, cuddling, snuggling that went on around the breakfast table but TOUGH. These cats are amazingly wonderful.

There are other reasons to stay with them: the house is in the center of town, the hosts are wonderfully warm (and breakfast is great!), and the rooms are very comfortable. Plus, with only three rooms available, there's a sense you're staying with friends not at some anonymous hotel.

Aravis said...

I'm very shy; I like the anonymity of a hotel. But I certainly understand the appeal of the B&B, especially this one.