La creme de la creme

I used to be one of the elites, one of the “1,300 women in Connecticut and urban gay guys in Manhattan” who read the Critical Shopper column (among many others). I'm here to tell you, I'm neither in Connecticut nor am I an urban gay guy. And the WSJ makes my points about that column for me.

As you know, I stopped subscribing to the Times. When I spoke with the customer service person, as part of their "retention" spiel I was asked where are you going to get your news if you don't subscribe? Talk about elitist attitude! Let's see... the Globe and Mail. The WSJ. The Economist. The Boston Globe. BBC News. (and, oddly enough, the NYTimes' own website) Among others.

A close friend works for the NYTimes; she's been asked to take a pay cut, she's had more responsibility given to her, and her job is uncertain. Maybe if the paper went back to including All the News That's Fit To Print and dropped its elitist attitude she wouldn't have to worry.

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