The Sounds of Silence

I've been taking the long way 'round to work. Actually, it's not longer, it's a little shorter, but it's on one-lane roads and has a slower pace. There's less stress, and more time to think and see and start the day with lower blood pressure than the Highway/Parkway combo allowed.

Today on my way down my driveway I saw Mr. Bunny and a very large turtle. Then, as I drove south, I saw several deer and a family of Canadian geese . My windows were open, and at each stopping point I heard the birds singing loudly.

WhiteHotTruth has a list of 11 slightly scary ways to become a better person. Number 7:
Choose silence. Turn off the TV. Commute without the car radio on or your i-Pod earphones in. The silence may unsettle you. With our addiction to noise and distraction held at bay, our anxiety, painful beauty and genius has room to surface.

Now to work on the other 10.

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Aravis said...

This is something that I like to do as well. It's a lovely way to spend the time.