My PLN (part four)

At last - the books. This may not be really about learning in the same way that the other sites were, but this is where I learn about new books, authors, etc. And, given that I'm a school librarian, one could argue that staying on top of this is very much a part of my learning process. I've worked with (and known) librarians who do not believe that reading what our students are reading, or even being aware of the various authors and series, is important. I've worked with librarians who openly deride the choices student and adult readers make. However - and this is critical to my identity as a school librarian - getting people to read, be it the sports pages, Goosebumps, Stephenie Meyer, Austen or Tolstoy is critical.

There are more, but these are some of the lesser-known ones I follow. Where do you learn about what's new in books?

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