Dear John

(by which I mean "NYTimes")

After 30+ years of togetherness, I'm calling it quits. You've gone from my daily read to weekends only and now? Let's just say that when we were in the early stages of our relationship, I could spend hours with you on Sunday. Today? I clocked it at 47 minutes (not including the Magazine). Thanks to your last price increase, that's 47 minutes with a paper that will cost me more than I pay for coffee? No thanks.

I read your articles about Iran, the rogue cancer unit, the proposed health plan, the Tibetan monks, and the war crimes trial in Cambodia. The free-speech in MO was kind of interesting, but gangs in suburbia? Triboro postal markings? Why was the Mess in Albany next to the obituaries (perhaps that was meant as irony?)? Half an hour of real reading, 17 minutes of skimming to find something more to read. It's been that way for a while now.

The price jump is just too steep for me. I hung in there during your plagiarism problems, the cancellation of the TV section (which cost me the price of a TVGuide subscription), the more and more overt showing of your biases, etc.. But $5 for 47 minutes for all that?

For several years I've also subscribed to the Globe & Mail. It's not even close to being my local paper yet I find I get more out of it than I do your august pages.

So, Dear Times, we're going to have to say au revoir. If you go back to your former glory, maybe we can get back together again.



(ps - your Public Editor may have a point, but at $5 for 47 minutes, I repeat: no thanks)

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