Challenge Over

I messed up - I was supposed to blog when I was starting this year's 48-hour Book Challenge (officially, 3pm on Friday, June 5). Oh well. Here's the past 48hours, in brief: 23 hours reading, 2 hours blogging/tweeting/facebooking, 12 books!! Also managed three loads of laundry, MPOW's graduation, a general house tidy and sleep.

What did I read?
That's more than I read in the entire month of January (although - and this is a guess - January had more adult books, smaller print and more pages).

Off to watch the Turkey GP, enter final grades and read the NYTimes. All-in-all, a good weekend.


MotherReader said...

You rule-breaker. No, it's all cool as long as I can find everybody through one link or another. Great job reading with so many books.

Laughing Stars said...

Wow! You rocked this challenge. :-) I'm enjoying looking through your list of books.

Liyana said...

Great job, I hope to see you participating again next year! What with the list of things you did.. wow.

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

That's a lot of books! Great job!

Aravis said...

That's a challenge alright! Not only did you do the reading, but all of the other things that had to be done also. My metaphorical hat is off to you!