Leave me alone!

(no, not you, Dear Reader...)

For the past three weeks, I've gotten a daily phone call - sometimes more than once a day - from what my Caller ID claims is phone number 330-409-0368/Revenue Assist. It's almost always a hang-up call, although sometimes a woman's voice is heard chatting with her telemarketing neighbor.

After a week and a half, I called back. A very nice woman told me that they're a company that can help me find colleges in my area. I said thanks, but all I really want is for the calls to stop. I even reminded her that I was on the Do Not Call list (to which she replied, "well, someone gave us your number as someone interested in our services." Yeah, right.

Another day, another phone call. Finally, last Thursday I tried calling them again, and after four attempts and four hang-ups from their automated answering system, I got cranky. Friday - more calls, and more attempts to get off their list.

Today? Yep. Another phone call.

Interestingly, there's a whole web-based effort to get rid of these sleazy callers. I've even filed an FCC complaint. And left a call on what they claim is the main phone number.

All I want (to quote Garbo) is to be left alone.

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