You're kidding, right?

I just read that Virgin is allowing wireless during flights. Now, this is marginally better than allowing cell phones but really, when you think about it, it's horrible. One of the last bastions of "quiet" or "downtime" has just been breached - it's bad enough that you can use your laptop during a flight, but now that you can stay connected?

Am I the last person on earth that really would prefer it if there were places in which you could not log on/log in? Places where you're forced to go just a little slow? I know there's a whole slow movement Out There, but it seems like they need to move just a bit quicker in getting the word out.

Yes, that's an oxymoronic idea, but then, always being On is just, to me, moronic.

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Briar said...

I think a plane just isn't such a good relaxing downtime type place anyway - all those people so close to me - ack! I might as well be happily ensconced on the Internet. I am not so into cell phones, if we get to that - same reason - all those people close together, don't want to hear them talk. But I am cool with Internet everywhere. Not surprising, as I am always the polar opposite of you in these things - heh! I think bastions of quiet and non-connectivity are going to have to be, like, some village in some countryside somewhere. Or Antarctica or something.