Word Rant

Over the past month or so I've been bombarded with examples of bad writing - it's enough to make a Lazygal cry, I tell ya!

Example one: 'impactful moments' Is this even a real phrase? And how does any self-respecting writer then follow it with "these interactions can have an impact"? My eyes hurt just reading that.

Example two: 'such that' instead of 'so that' ("the database is arranged such that is is easy to find your information")

Example three: 'To the extent you procure those rights' - you're missing a word there, buddy, and as a vendor, it doesn't look good.

Example four: people abusing impact because they're too afraid of confusing affect/effect (as in, "which professor at [college] impacted your life the most?" on my 25th college reunion questionnaire)

Example five: the use of "word" and "fail" to connote hipness (or, as a school friend said recently, what ever hip phrase hipsters now use). It doesn't sound up-to-date, it sounds desperate. Word.

And then there's the jargon...

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