Spring is springing

I love this time of year - all that possibility and hope.

Here's a Fun Lazy Fact: I'm a fruitivore. I'm also someone who likes fruit in season. Not such a big fan of strawberries in December, or apples in July. Pomegranates and Concord grapes indicate the start of fall. Thing Two eats apples and grapes year round; I've never seen him buy peaches, nectarines, pears or horned melons. That somehow feels false to me. Note that I'm not mentioning citrus fruits or bananas. Perhaps contradictorily, I consider them all-year fruits.

Spare_Oom has been discussing the meaning of being a Luddite (something I could be accused of sometimes). What's the connection? Morf's post:
Have you tasted a grocery store tomato lately?

Have you noticed the state of physical health of young adults lately? Heart disease, high cholesteral and diabetes are rampant among those in their twenties....

Where are the stewards?

Am I a Luddite for expecting my food to be safe, nutritious and tasty?

Am I a Luddite for expecting young people to be healthy and productive in the prime of their lives?

Am I a Luddite for wanting my children and grandchildren to know what a real strawberry tastes like?

Am I a Luddite for believing that we are capable of having an enduring, equitable and relatively stable economy as our legacy to the future?

Am I a Luddite for expecting Christians (of all people) to take seriously the core command of Genesis?

If these are the definitions of "Luddite" - I'll wear the term proudly.

During this weekend of passion, think about this. And about this. Then decide to do something about it.

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