Sometimes, you just have to do it yourself

Jandys asked "Does anyone know of a database source that lists books by the location of their settings?"

After some poking around, I came up with We Tell Stories and Place Studies. Shree left a comment that suggested The Hieroglyphic Streets and Bookpaths

But the consensus seems to be a resounding "No". Which got me thinking that perhaps this is something I'll have to do myself. Something like a Google Maps Mash-up meets IMDB (IBDB and IBookDB are already taken, btw). Who wants to help?


Jandy said...

OK, so we'll have to do it ourselves - depending on how many books, etc, we want to add, it will be daunting. I've only had a basic introduction to mash-ups. Will you teach me or send me to a site where I can learn how to use them?

How can we plumb the information already available? For example, the site stopyourekillingme.com shows where all the different mystery series are located. Why reinvent if we don't have to? Obviously this conversation is more than a blog comment. I'll think through this further and send an email.

Anonymous said...

Sounds challenging and fun, we should give it some serious thought. Count me in.