Day in... day out...

3:00am - The Boys start to stir
3:45am - The Boys are in full "stir" mode
4:15am - giving up, Lazygal stumbles downstairs to feed the ravenous beasts
4:16am - loud purring and eating sounds
4:16:30am - peace reigns among the felines; the human either stumbles back to bed (weekends/vacations) or starts her day

Welcome to my life.


Aravis said...

4':16? My deepest sympathies. As much as I love them, sometimes cats have no respect for the hand that feeds them. *humph*

Lazygal said...

Aravis, even more upsetting is that I leave dry food out all night - it's not like they're starving!!

Tiberia said...

"Catblogging" sounds...vaguely illegal...hee!