Notable Quotes

"Things are different now," I said. "Kids grow up faster."
My mom shook her head. "No, they don't. You're just exposed to things at an earlier age. That doesn't mean you can handle them.
Denise Vega, Access Denied


Serial Questions

This post follows a discussion I had with some students at MPOW - I'd read Fire, the follow-up to Graceling and asked them about the idea of sequels, series and follow-ups.

Here's where the confusion started: Fire takes place in the same world as Graceling, but with a completely different set of characters. Does that make it a sequel? The argument could go both ways. What about a book like Leaven of Malice. It's part of a trilogy. Does sequel apply to the second book of two, or do we use "series"?

Mystery and science fiction authors often write entire series, and we don't talk about the "sequel" to the first book, we usually talk about the "follow-up". And what about books like Wide Sargasso Sea. Is that a sequel toJane Eyre? A follow-up?

How do we break down the differences when we talk to students about books? Does it matter?


Notable Quotes

When the soy farmers need to protect their crops from the harsh sun, they use veils of white plastic cloth with string woven through it; despite being lightweight and almost transparent, it is indestructible. Entire fields are swathed in this material, which resembles enormous sails. The white fluttering sails do not stop the sun from entering and making the crops grow; the clarity and intensity of the sun is dulled, however. This is true of regret. It is a veil, and like all human emotions it serves to soften the impact of reality. It is a failed belief that we cannot experience the true brilliance of the light, but it is through fear that we veil ourselves from that brilliance.
The Blue Notebook, James A. Levine


Notable Quotes

[A] friendship's like a garden.
You have to water it and tend it and care about it.
Stephen Sondheim, Franklin Shepard Inc.


Meeting Musings

The Meeting I attend is very small (almost laid down last year!) but there is strength in those numbers - some of the most gathered Meetings I've been in have been with only a few people Waiting.

Today, with the sun shining, we decided to have worship outside on folding chairs rather than inside on the benches. As I sat there, centering, waiting for (and listening to) the Light, my mind would sometimes wander. Each time it did, a breeze sprang up, as if to sweep away those thoughts and recenter me.

Truly, Someone was tending to my condition.