What does it mean to be a friend?

I've been having fun with Facebook, reconnecting with "lost" friends and finding new ways to connect to people that have been in my life recently. One area of my life that is now surfacing (or resurfacing, to be more accurate) is the time I spent in Smalltown NY. These were not my happiest years, and I have deliberately tried to forget that time and people I knew then.

Of course, it's difficult when your parents are friends with the parents of people that you knew and they mention that "I saw ___" recently.

The other day, during one of those conversations, I decided to look for one of those people... which led to finding the boy-across-the-street... and then to another guy I knew. I felt fine with that. Today, though, came a request from someone I don't remember. Not even a little. I have no idea if she remembers me, or if she's asked because I'm friends with the other three. And I have no idea whether I should accept her overture, or not.

Then there are those that I connected with but who don't respond to messages. They don't appear to be active on FB either, so I wonder - is it ok to "unfriend" them? I'm not interested in being a friendwhore, I am interested in connections.


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Aravis said...

I don't have any personal experience with Facebook. Regarding the person you don't know, you could ask the other three if they know her. If you don't want to friend her, go with your gut.

As for "unfriending," it seems to me that if they are unresponsive to you, it's alright to let them go.

Just my 2 cents.