Hush your mouth

My big Oscar experiment left me feeling slightly odd, and exposed. Exposed how, you ask (ok, pretend you asked)? For years, Thing One and I have watched TV and done the MST3K thing, entre nous of course. Tweeting the Oscars let some of that out. Now, I think our conversations are funny - as does Thing One. That's a given. So does it matter if our snark, our asides, our comments make their way out into the great wide world?

Probably not. It still feels odd, and I think the Great Twitter Experiment may be about to end.

Particularly after reading Roger Ebert's Hunting of the Snark...


camillofan said...

We all have our moments, but in general I'm not so good at snark (if you need any golly-gee-whiz, though, I'm probably your girl). I'd be extra bad at snarking the Oscars, though, because no matter how disdainful of popular culture I think I ought to be, I am in love with the idea of the movies (almost more than I love actual movies-- kinda how I feel about the church at times).

That said, I avidly clicked on your Twitter link. :-)

Finally, isn't Ebert the best? I am still devoted to Terry and Ken (not to mention the Comics Curmudgeon, snarkiest man on the internet), but Roger sailed into my "favorite blogger" spot sometime last year and is still at the top. He commented back on a comment I made to one of his posts, and I haven't washed my computer screen since I read it. :-)

Ellysa said...

I never got a chance to tell you--I loved your Oscar tweeting. Made me feel like I was right there with you! If D didn't have a thing about being on the computer while I watch tv with him, I would have tweeted right alongside you!

(I checked your tweets surreptitiously on my iPhone while he was off doing other things.) :)

I think you should keep doing things like this. Next time, I promise I'll try to join in!