Dinner with friends is dangerous

Last night I had dinner with a friend from work. She and I share an obsession with a love of books, and before we left for dinner I helped her repair one of her treasured paperbacks (the cover was in sad, sad shape).

During dinner, somehow the topic of marginalia came up. She reached over to the now-repaired paperback, intending to show me something she'd written recently. Innocently, she said, "you know that bit in The Odyssey where..." and I interrupted to admit, "uh, never read it".

Shock! Horror! We know I'm illiterate, so there.

"Will you read it with me?"

"Uh, well... I'd love to but I have these 48 books left to read from ALA Midwinter before ALA Annual and..."

"Nonsense. ALA's in July, right? You'll have those 48 read in two weekends. You're reading this with me."


So I'm reading (in addition to what's on Mt. Bookpile) The Odyssey. Gulp.


Sherri said...

Don't worry. If you get a good translation, it will just flow by. It doesn't have to be as big a deal as some make it out to be.

I read it a couple of times as a teen, just because I liked it.

elisabeth said...

I have never read it either. Now the secret is out.. Librarians have not read everything.

Buffy Hamilton said...

Oooooh, it is worth the time! I read it in college in English 201 (Western World Lit.). I absolutely loved it! (I also had an amazing professor for that course---she also got me into Greek tragedy and comedy!).

Enjoy! :-)