What kind of fool am I?

Those of you that know me in real life know that I'm not the flashiest of dressers - my hemlines are usually below the knee and my tops are not that tight-fitting. I wear glasses. My hair is usually in a bun. Sensible shoes are to be found on my feet. Thanks to my chronic fatigue, I'm one of those "early to bed" folks. I have almost 3000 books between The Collection and Mt. Bookpile. Let's not forget the cats.

In short, I could be considered the stereotypical librarian.

Today at MPOW, during breakfast, I started to hear about a tiny, lost kitten loose in the main building. By 8am, he was in a Have-a-Heart cage in my office. By 3:30, he was in my car, heading for the vet.

Frances needs to be quarantined for two weeks to check for rabies (I got bit a couple of times getting him into the cage), and he needs to be tested for FIV/FeLV. So until the 16th, he's not fully part of the family but...

What kind of fool am I? The kind that rescues an adorable 6-week-old kitten and prays that he soon gets to come cuddle with the boys.


Aravis said...

He's adorable! You'd have to be a fool not to bring him home. :0)

Er, here's hoping that you and he are rabies free.

Nothing worse than a rabid librarian! *G*

Sherri said...

Having rescued one and attempted rescue on another (both much older) cat in just the last 4 months, despite having 5 already, I have no ground upon which to stand to call you Foolish.

And whenever I visit my vet and see the kittens they have for adoption, I want ANOTHER. *sigh* Worse than potato chips or 75% off hardbacks.

Aravis said...

FYI LG: after attempting another MT upgrade for my blog, I had enough and switched to Wordpress. This means that your feed reader (Bloglines?) won't be notifying you of my blog updates until you subscribe again.

Sorry! Hopefully this is the last time for awhile.

Jandy said...

My lazy, loving female cat was rescued like yours around ten years ago. Our others (3) came from rescue shelters. So I'm almost as much of a fool as you (although my book collection is only about 1/2 of yours).

He looks adoreable.

Tiberia said...

Well, if you're a fool, you're the best kind :)