Imponderables (frozen edition)

I could go on about the cold - but I know I'm not alone in feeling it. Lucky me, the house is tightly sealed and so it's comfortable inside.

Of course, like many others, I'm checking the forecast to see what today/tomorrow hold. I get that Accuweather and Weather Channel have different numbers and predictions and I usually figure the truth is somewhere in the middle.

What I don't get is how the actual temperature is -6 right now, but the "real feel" is 3. If this were summer, I would. But right now? When we're being told to stay indoors, to avoid being outside and to watch for frostbite and other cold-related injuries?


Aravis said...

At these temps, is it really necessary to tell us to stay inside?

Murphy Jacobs said...

Well, in this part of the world, temps in the teens are highly unusual, so they've been telling folks over and over NOT to play redneck games and to dress warmly when they go outside.

The Husband said he saw kids roaming the campus today in flipflops and shorts, so maybe these warnings are necessary.

Jandy said...

My daughter was in Ohio last week and the temps were down below zero. She wasn't happy, especially since we have had record highs here in SoCal. She's looking forward to visiting the beach when she returns today.