Going slowly

One of my goals for this year is to be slower, more deliberate about things - life things and work things. Blogging is included, and the Slow Blog Manifesto says it best:
Slow Blogging is a willingness to remain silent amid the daily outrages and ecstasies that fill nothing more than single moments in time, switching between banality, crushing heartbreak and end-of-the-world psychotic glee in the mere space between headlines. The thing you wished you said in the moment last week can be said next month, or next year, and you’ll only look all the smarter.
I've noticed that my blog-pace has gotten slower over the years, so expect fewer (but more meaningful and thoughtful, I hope) posts in 2009.

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Aravis said...

I suppose the same could be said of my more sporadic blog posting, though mine is of necessity more than choice.

I think, knowing you as I do, that this new style makes sense. When you write, it is usually deliberate, well thought out and meaningful. You give us something to think about and discuss.

Your more light-hearted posts give me a chuckle, too. *G*