Feeling sensitive

As you can see from my last post, I was feeling a little raw about what happened.

Thinking about it, I realized it's because I recently read a book that has caused me to not really want to read for a while. Not because this book was The Best Book Ever Written, or one that made me think Great Thoughts - far from it. This was a book I almost didn't finish (I finally forced myself to after about a week away from it), a book that was just - to me - bad. I am reading again, but something as far removed from the previous book as I can possibly make it.

I did review the Bad Book, and I'm ok with my opinion not meshing with others'. (For the record, A Confederacy of Dunces didn't rock my world either.) I've had authors comment on my reviews, and I appreciate those that allow me to disagree with them: reading is a personal act, and not every book appeals to every reader. What I don't appreciate are those authors that argue with me, that try to make me feel as though my opinion is wrong because it doesn't mesh with others or with their intent when they wrote the book.

Far worse, however, are books that make me feel cheated and make me not want to read any more.


Aravis said...

You actually shocked me when you wrote of not wanting to read after you finished that book! Guess it's one I won't waste my limited time on.

I agree with you about how personal reading can be, and about author reactions. It would really frustrate me, even anger me, if someone tried to make me feel as you described.

Lazygal said...

Lucky for me, I've gotten over that! I read a much quieter book, and that seemed to do the trick. It's a good thing, too, because ALA MW and all those lovely ARCs are about to come my way.