Expanding my social network

The other day, Sassy Librarian posted about "lifestreaming" and how she was now using storytlr. In the same day's blogreading, I read Walt's ragged preliminary thoughts on conversations and unhermiting.

Because I'm such a lazy gal and because I didn't want to do the work I brought home (some Book Fair preparation, some other stuff) or the work waiting at home (like, taxes and filing and cleaning), I started playing with both Storytlr and FriendFeed. All the things I'd like to import are now there, and there's little I need to do to maintain them.

There's a part of me that thinks that in a couple of weeks (or months) I'll be canceling both, along with my Twitter feed, Facebook page, and blogs. Sometimes, all this On Line Stuff is just overwhelming, isn't it?

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camillofan said...

I agree-- all these sites and communities can be overwhelming, repetitive, and occasionally pointless-seeming. Like a lot of people, I've think I've used online outlets to compensate for some of the deficiencies in my RL, and it's sometimes helped... but I'm beginning to think my effort might be better devoted to just making RL improvements to RL! :-)