Antidote to Lazy

Sometimes people think that I'm not really a lazy gal. Read this from Susan Pivan's blog:
I interviewed him for an article I’m writing for SELF magazine about how, according to Buddhist thought, being too busy, rather than a sign of success, is considered a sign of laziness. But how can being in-demand, committed, and loaded with responsibility be called lazy?! Because you’ve allowed your agenda to run you, not the other way around. ...
“Laziness,” David says, “is basically a lack of courage.” He describes being too busy and disorganized as a “pretty effective behavior to avoid the intensity of being alive. What you might find if you slow down is who you really are. (When you do,) you’re reminded of how magnificent you are.” Dramatic pause. “Are you ready to stand up to that?”
That's me. Too busy, too committed, too lazy.

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