Things that make you go whaaa????

I like listening to music on my way to and from work. Thanks to my parents, I have an iPod car jack. The problem is that once I get within a certain distance of NYC, there's too much interference and I can't listen. So I turn to 1010 WINS.

Recently, on my way home, there's one point in Pocantico Hills where the 1010 WINS signal is weak - don't ask me why it's why it's weak in the evening, heading north while it's fine in the morning heading south. The point is, it's weak, ok? And another station bleeds in. You can hear both stations, with random words, phrases or sentences mixed with the others words, phrases or sentences, sometimes both at once.

I've been listening hard, trying to figure out where this other station is coming from. Tonight: success. I heard the call numbers of the other station. They're CFRB, 1010 Newstalk. Out of Toronto.


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Murphy Jacobs said...

I don't know the scientific details, but it has something to do with weather and the air temperature. Where I lived in Florida, we were closest to Orlando and I listened to NPR from the Orlando station, which was probably 40+ miles away. It came through fine on our clock radio. As you probably know, most PBS stations broadcast in the same group of bands. Well, on certain days for no particular reason, we would get the Gainesville NPR station, which was some 90 miles away. Still stranger, some days we picked up the station in Tampa, which was about 100 miles away.

Radio is weird.