Earlier this year, I announced that I'd not made any New Year's Resolutions, I'd set goals. Things have gotten better in many areas, and now I'm thinking about 2009's goals.

The major, overall goal is repatterning. What's that? It's breaking old patterns of behavior, belief, etc. It's taking small steps rather than saying "as of now, I'm no longer going to do/say/eat xxx" in some massive, radical shift.

Some of the patterns are ones that I've been aware of for some time - health-related ones, clutter-related ones, and relationship-related ones. Some are ones I've been concerned about, but aren't patterns... yet. There are things I think might become patterns that I'm not sure I want to get into, and now is the time to reconsider.

Some of these are based on things that I know about myself, and some are based on watching others in my life and saying "hmmm - I don't like that trait. I wonder if I'm developing it." (or, conversely, seeing a trait I do like and would like to encourage in myself). It's not always easy to take an inventory of these things, particularly when you see something unpleasant in others that you fear is growing in yourself. That's why it's small steps, because those are manageable.

The good thing about goals is that you can embark on the great experiment at any time. I'm choosing my upcoming five-day weekends to start. Just for that weekend, I'll exercise twice and eat healthy. Just for that weekend, I'll unclutter a box or a closet. And if it doesn't happen Weekend One, it can happen Weekend Two. Etc. It's a GOAL. Not a resolution.

Watch this space.


Murphy Jacobs said...

That's what I'm doing as well -- no resolutions, just goals, and very specific goals as well.

Favorite book about this (I tell everyone else, I probably told you last year, but I'll tell you again) is "This Year I Will...". It is on my Goodreads shelf.

Aravis said...

I really like your idea of goal-setting rather than resolution-making. It's more positive, I think.