Is it me?

This is the time of year when we exchange cards, expressing love and care and good wishes to our nearest and dearest. And to work colleagues, employees and clients. I don't doubt that the cards sent to the latter group are sincere, but sometimes... Here's the text of one card, received at MPOW
I'm honored to set aside my regular work at this time of year to send you a heartfelt note.
Yes, yes, a lovely sentiment. I'd have been a little more touched if 1. it had been addressed to me, not "To My Friends and Customers" and 2. if it had been handwritten.

Bah Humbug? Or am I on to something?


doug0077 said...

To all my blogging friends,

I am honored to set aside a few moments from actually doing real work to comment on your blog.

Oh, happy holidays.


Sherri said...

I think the correct response to your question is...


Not that it doesn't take a couple of minutes to type a form letter and do a mail merge...