At MPOW I have two e-mail accounts to tend: my personal account, and a general library account. We use the latter for All Employee announcements, ordering from vendors and I tell students to e-mail me there if they can't remember how to spell my name.

This account attracts spam, and I've gotten used to that. When I checked today, though, I got a surprise. Classmates dot com has a reunion planned (for either the 10th or the 19th, the messages have both dates listed)!

Now, I've been close with my prep school librarian, and I'd like to think that my former students would enjoy seeing me at a reunion. But the library itself? I'm guessing that might be difficult to arrange. Or perhaps... ok, doubtful, but perhaps... there's someone out there who's name is Library.

If you know him/her/it, tell them about the reunion.

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