Today I went to do some shopping and to pick up my Christmasholiday card stamps (the Nutcracker is better than the cross-stitch from last year, but not great). *

While I was on line, a man came in. Two women followed, loudly berating him for parking in the only handicapped space. He kept saying, "I am not the driver, it's my daughter, she's a grown woman of 25" and they kept insisting that he could have told her to park elsewhere. Shortly after, a woman with a cane entered - someone that probably had a handicapped permit, yet was unable to park near the door due to this "grown woman's" selfishness.

I exited, and went up to the car. After this girl rolled down the window (or is it "lowered" in this age of electronics?), I explained that she wasn't parked properly and that the woman with the cane was prevented from using the space set aside for her; the response was "I'm waiting for my father." To which I retorted, "He isn't disabled" and walked away.

I hear about how communities are losing their tax base through foreclosures and bankruptcies. Why can't they start making up the difference by targeting these people? Surely a blast of ticketing and fining for "nuisances" would go a long way to increasing the coffers and create a more civil society.

* I still send out cards. While some may say that it's irresponsible (all those trees and carbon emissions!), to me it's more irresponsible to neglect the little niceties in our lives. And what's more nice that getting a card that says someone cares and wants good things for you? Remember, it's the little things.

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