I'm an old fogie

Some things are just ingrained in us, I suppose: slang from our youth, songs that were Number One Hits from our formative years that no one now would listen to (but to which we, of course, know all the words), team cheers, etc..

Yesterday morning I was chatting with a colleague. She had asked the Middle School faculty to provide her with the title/artist of at least one song that had meant something to us when we were young. It could be off the first album you really owned... the song playing when you first danced with your first true love... whatever. I'd given her three, one from my grammar school days, one from prep school, and one from college.

I asked her what she was planning on doing with this information? Was it to be a "guess which colleague liked ____" game? Or was she making a mix tape?

At this, she burst out laughing and said, "Yes, back in the day, when we were young, it would have been called a mix tape. But now, in the 21st century, we use CDs."

Since she's younger than I (ok, ok, only by a few months), I informed her that at my advanced age, it was permissible to use older terminology when the mind didn't remember the newer. And that when she got to be my age, she'd understand.

Still... I'm an old fogie, aren't I?


Murphy Jacobs said...

Not so much an old fogie, as I still hear the term "mix tape" in use (even when CD is the actual medium). I've even heard KIDS use it (well, college kids, as they now surround me). It means less 'cassette tape' and more 'mix of songs on recorded media'. I've heard people refer to a digital playlist they've made as a 'mix tape'.

Your colleague, however, strikes me as a bit superior and rude with her eagerness to show how current she is. However, that's just me. I think I would have congratulated her on her 21st century manners, or spoken LOLcat at her.

Lazygal said...

Oh, Sherri, I thought it was funny. I mean, first of all, DUH - we no longer have tapes, do we? And second, I'm one of the big "let's use technology" geeks on campus! S

Murphy Jacobs said...

Like I said, just me. I'm a little on the sensitive side this week. :)