The dreaded SPOILER issue

I've blogged about spoilers before, and I basically come down on the side of "if you aren't keeping up with the series, don't read/look at posts/articles about the most current issue/volume/movie".

But, as ALOTTFMA points out, there's also the question about Real Life: if a story is based on real events, can one really spoil it? In other words, did anyone not know that the Titanic sank? or, in literary terms, that Nixon resigns at the end of The Final Days?

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Aravis said...

Well, I suppose if you didn't pay attention to that sort of thing, you might not know. The number of things that people are generally ignorant of is surprising.

That being said, it's not your fault if they aren't aware of historical events; I would hardly call the outcomes "spoilers." I would have hoped that people knew about the Titanic and Nixon, though.