16 Things Meme

Ellysa tagged me for this, saying I was a "blogger extraordinaire". Hmmm... don't know about that, but thanks for the compliment. As for "16 Things You Don't Know About Me", that's a little complicated. I mean, so many people know me in so many different ways that it'll difficult for me to come up with 16 completely new, unknown things. My sister will know some (ditto my cousins)... friends may know others... etc. So, to name this meme correctly, it's "16 Things, Most of Which You Didn't Know About Me"

--I hate my middle name.

--When I was younger, the only pets I had were goldfish. They each died within a week of my getting them. (I've had better luck with the cats!)

--I grew 8" one year, and have only grown 2.5" since then.

--I had two boyfriends in Kindergarten. I haven't had two boyfriends since...

--I once served 14 straight points in volleyball. That's the only thing I could do in volleyball.

--I used to slide down the banister in my grandfather's house.

--I once had an art show at the local museum.

--My first Nancy Drew book gave me my one and only wake-up-screaming nightmare.

--I learned to solder when I was 6.

--My favorite fudge recipe can be found in Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

--I have a calculator named Fred.

--I started wearing glasses in 4th grade. My first pair with pink "cats-eye" glasses.

--My cat Howard was named after a guy I worked with at Circle Rep. They both cocked their heads and held their paws/hands the same way.

--I used to collect dolls from foreign countries.

--In 8th grade, I learned I read 1000wpm. This was at the start of a speed-reading class. I never finished that class.

--Until the summer of 1972, I could read in a car.

I'm tagging Cam (because she's always on the lookout for a good meme), KRodd (just because), K (because she remembers my first pair of glasses), Ernie Cox (because he has nothing else to do with his time) and Katarzyna Agarwal (to spread the wealth around a little).

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