Notable Quotes

Breuer gestured to the bouquets of fresh-cut flowers that lay before many graves. "In this land of the dead, these are the dead and those" -- he pointed to an old untended and abandoned section of the cemetary -- "those are the truly dead. No one now tends their graves because no one living has ever known them. They know what it means to be dead."
When Nietzsche Wept, Irvin D. Yalom


The dreaded SPOILER issue

I've blogged about spoilers before, and I basically come down on the side of "if you aren't keeping up with the series, don't read/look at posts/articles about the most current issue/volume/movie".

But, as ALOTTFMA points out, there's also the question about Real Life: if a story is based on real events, can one really spoil it? In other words, did anyone not know that the Titanic sank? or, in literary terms, that Nixon resigns at the end of The Final Days?