(I've got) plenty to be thankful for

Each year at this time, we here in America think about that for which we're thankful. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a prep school classmate, informing me that another classmate had died a year ago. "Classmate" doesn't begin to describe my relationship with the women with whom I went to school. No, we weren't all close friends - our class was noted for the number of internal arguments (we voted over and over again about our choice of dessert for a Senior Dinner, and let's not start discussing the Class Song "discussion"). But there was an incredible sense of closeness as a class, something that set us apart from the years before and after. I've heard since then that we had (have!) a reputation unlike that of other classes. And all these years later, we're still a close unit, sharing information regularly in a way that other classes do not always do. I'm saddened by our loss of one of our members. While she was the first, at our age it's not too early to realize that others will follow.

And I'm thankful for having known them all.

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