Political earworms

SwissToni has a weekly feature, Earworms of the Week. It's all very interesting and often includes music I've never heard.

Today, inadvertently, I helped expose our entire Seventh Grade to an earworm: http://tv.4president.us/tv1952.htm.

We were holding a day devoted to learning about the elections, from what the candidates were saying about their policies to the issues to ads to a game of Capture the Flag. My role was to help with the mini-courses, specifically about the campaign ads.

We showed them archived versions of ads from the 1952 campaign (the aforementioned earworm), LBJ's Daisy ad ("horrible" and "really scary"), Carter's Commander ad ("he sounds like Bush - eww"), Reagan's Bear ad ("subtle but effective") and one from the current campaign. They liked the ones that assumed the viewers were smart, and that didn't attack the other candidate. The fact that the majority of the ads we showed didn't even mention the other candidate was great, according to them.

When it came to the current election, they didn't like the ads - the negativity and the lack of reasons why we should vote for one candidate over the other ("they tell me why the other guy is bad but not why they're good") were unappealing.

For the first time since I moved to NYC, I'm seeing ads for the presidential campaigns on tv. Compared to this lot, I'm not impressed.

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