Music ideas needed!

My niece is getting married next October (yes, over a year away). She's very anti those "cliche 80s first dance songs" and all the other party cliche songs (Ixnay on "Everybody Dance Now", "Hot Hot Hot", "YMCA", etc.). So... recommendations needed. What would you suggest they dance to? What would you suggest everybody dance to? I have ideas, but more are needed!


Jandy said...

Fast or slow dances? I still find Beatles tunes great for dancing. I have fond memories of dancing to Michelle at one wedding reception (that relationship would fit it with your prior post on exes).

Lazygal said...

Jandy, both. Not sure that Michelle would work, though. Part of the problem is that the groom hates dancing, so she's got one shot and getting him up and moving (and she wants it to be good!).

I was thinking something like At Last, possibly the Cyndi Lauper version.

LydiaM said...

But if she's got one shot at getting him up and moving, will the groom want to move fast or slow?? And has anyone asked him what he *would* dance to?

If you're going to do "At Last", it has to be Etta James!!! (Unless Cyndi Lauper has a completely different song by that name). How about something like "Night and Day"?

Lazygal said...

Lydia, this is that First Dance - so has to be slow. And he's only going to do one dance (knowing him), which means it has to be a good one.

I'm also pushing for "Time Warp" as the only line/group dance at the wedding.

LydiaM said...

Oh, I sencond "Time Warp" - although I don't know if the youngsters are so into that these days.

Is Sinatra too fogie-ish? Something like "Fly Me to the Moon"?