Interesting idea/great product placement

I just read that this new show, The Ex List, is co-sponsoring Ex-Day with 800-Flowers. Apparently, you're supposed to send your ex a bouquet and "reconnect" on October 16.

I kinda like the idea, but I wonder about all those "currents" who might be a little miffed. And then there's the brother of my sister-in-law, who sent his recently departed ex a beautiful bunch of roses, thanking her for a wonderful (albeit shortlived) relationship. She threatened to get a restraining order because he was "stalking" her. And no, she wasn't being punny about flower stalks.

Still, anyone want to get me flowers, I'll happily take them!

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doug0077 said...

Sounds like a marketing racket to me.

An with so many exes, how could I afford it ;-)