Within my comfort zone

I juggled the decision to join Facebook and have largely been pleased with the results. Several people from my college past have "friended" me, people I really hadn't thought about much since the mid/late 1980s. It feels good, albeit a little weird, to be back in touch.

Some people use far more of FB's capabilities than I, sending banners and bumper stickers and hatching eggs and playing games. Partly because many of my friends are former students (or current colleagues), that's outside my comfort zone and I ignore those requests and enticements. For me, writing on walls and sending messages and seeing pictures and learning about events is just about right.

Last July (2007, not 2008) I joined GoodReads, mostly as a way to catalog Mt. Bookpile. Since joining, I've read 204 books (number 205 is about halfway done), including the Summer Reading Challenge. GoodReads is also a social networking site, and one friend enticed me to join a group she'd started. I've posted a few times there, but really - the average day's digest of posts is well above what I can keep up with, and the posts are usually very far off the topic of books. Keeping abreast of all those conversations is just a little beyond my comfort zone.

I compare that with my initial involvement with The Readers Vine, a social networking site before the term became fashionable. I was younger, less overworked, and less burned out on the whole "social" thing than I am now. I posted in many different areas and made some good friends (Hi Aravis, Cam, Kar, Coco, Jandys and Shree, to name only the ones that have blogs/websites). After TRV shut down, a hardy bunch have migrated thither and yon as The Readers Place.

No, TRP is not as lively as GR. I wish it were, but there you go. I'd probably follow the conversations there, and participate more, because these people are within my comfort zone.

In this year of decluttering my physical and emotional life, finding and staying within my comfort zone is what it's all about.**

**all right, so maybe the hokey pokey is what it's all about. this comes second, ok?


Aravis said...

"You put your right foot in/you take your right foot out..."

I know what you mean. It's good to hear about your facebook experience. I've had several old friends ask me to join, but I've resisted. Perhaps, after reading this, I'll join after all.


Sherri said...

Facebook has turned into a huge time suck for me, one I need to cut off before much longer.

Goodreads is a place I'm much more 'buffet style' about. Yes, it's EXTREMELY active on almost every topic and those topics range all over the place. I tend to pick a few and ignore the rest. Sometimes I let threads go.

And I hate the hokey pokey. Have since I was 9.

Just on the chance you haven't noticed them, there are tabs on the GR home page for top friends and groups only to let you skim over what's going on without hopping from group to group. Also one just for new reviews.

I, for one, am glad you are there :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the decluttering,
I want to get more involved with TRP again, just need to find the time.


Jandy said...

We're the choir. FB keeps me up with my daughters' lives somewhat. GoodReads is a place so I can have all my owned books online (in case I'm out shopping and want to see if I own a book or not). TRP is still the place for book discussions.

It's too easy to find all the cool and good blogs and sites and social network tools and get sucked into cyberspace.