Where would you like to live?

Going through some of the backlog in my "to be blogged" file, I came across this article talking about imaginary worlds that have captured our imagination. Not mentioned are the worlds Rick Riordan and Scott Mebus have created, those of the "almost real" places and people.

So, where would you want to live? Narnia? Middle Earth? The Londons of Un Lun Dun or Neverwhere? Heidi's Alp? Somewhere, sometime else?


Sherri said...

The Star Trek Universe has a long standing appeal. Never really found a world in a book where I wanted to live. Visit, yes. Vacation, sure. Live? Not so much,if only because then the favorite books would likely not exist there.

doug0077 said...

Lake Woebegone, of course!


camillofan said...

I'd love to vacation in the Little World of Don Camillo or Sherlock Holmes' London. But without a Y-chromosome, I don't see me choosing to live in either place.

Jandy said...

Narnia - yes
Xanth - yes
Pern - yes
Discworld - yes
Star Trek - on a starship
Babylon 5 - not sure
Middle Earth - not sure
Dune - don't think so
Battlestar Gallactica - no