The Great Summer Reading Challenge is over: 83 books read between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Sadly, 19 books remain unread.

Which books didn't make the cut?

Three annotated books: Alice, the Wizard of Oz, and Anne of Green Gables. The Victorian Fairy Tale Book and Beyond the Looking Glass. Several books of poetry (as I said to our Head of English last week, I just cannot seem to get into reading poetry as a novel; some can, but even Send Bygraves stumped me). Peter and the Starcatchers, Day of Tears, Grail Prince and The Children of Hurin round out the unread.

I'm now going to start on some nice, dark, dangerous mysteries to cleanse my palate. After that, we'll see.

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Sherri said...

*I* think you did quite well.

I'm gonna have to find that Annotated Alice for myself.