Season's endings

As I've been lying in bed, watching the leaves turn brilliant reds and yellows, I've been pondering how this month has led to so many endings - the end of summer/start of fall (although having it almost be "peak color" right now feels somehow wrong)... end of vacation/start of school... end of baseball regular season/start of post season.

Thing One is a Mets fan, and for two years has watched his team crash-and-burn at this time of the season. Thing Two is a Yankees fan, and that's enough said about that. Both of them are experiencing years in which their team has ended the season at the end of regular season, rather than going on to post season play and potential glory. Both are experiencing a year in which their team's stadium is being torn down in favor of a new one.

When my beloved Celtics left the hallowed Garden for some anonymous, "could-be-any town/any arena" nearby, I was crushed that they'd not left the Garden with another win, another banner. There's a part of me that feels the same for the two New York teams. I'm sure the Things feel the that way, too.

How many days before spring and pitchers-and-catchers?

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