On occasion I listen to 1010wins while driving. For those of you outside the Greater NY area, it's a news station that does traffic and weather "on the 1s", which is helpful if you're driving and need to know which roads are jammed.

I've noticed that they're now touting themselves at being in HD. Think about it: High Definition. For a radio station.


waltc said...

Well, yes, the name is amusing, but they're actually touting their Hybrid Digital outlet--a digital channel that coexists with their regular analog (AM or FM) broadcast on the same frequency. More than a thousand stations have HD Radio channels; it's not clear whether many listeners have the HD Radio receivers to use them.

It's actually just a brand name; it doesn't stand for High Definition. Supposedly, you can get FM quality and stereo on an AM HD outlet, if you have the receiver.

Lazygal said...

Walt, thanks. I did think it was odd that they were saying "now in HD" or "listen to 1010WINS HD". Never thought the term meant something else (probably because all the tv stations are talking about HD broadcasts).