Can't stand the pace

I've blogged before about how going fast isn't always the best thing for life. I've also blogged about some of my health issues. One of my goals this year is to practice ECAM (Energy Conservation and Management) to try to bring my health closer to "normal".

Usually, I'm pretty good about getting to bed around 9pm, giving me 7-8 hours sleep per night. However, every now and then things conspire against me. Sunday night was the Emmy's - 11pm bedtime. I'm just starting to recover, but tonight I have a work event that will get me home around 9:30, so figure bed by around 10pm. Saturday I'm out all day. That leaves Sunday in which to go slow and recoup my strength.

Independent schools are notorious for their evening and weekend commitments and the fall is the worst time. Over the next few weekends we have Upper School Open House, Alumni Day and an Admissions Open House. There's the possibility of an Athletics Open House. And at night there's a New Parents Reception and a Middle School Open House (the Lower School Open House was last week). Luckily, I don't have to attend all of them! Still, for those of us with health issues or needing to conserve energy for some reason (or just have a life), it becomes more and more difficult.

Don't expect me to move out of bed on Sundays is all I can say.

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Aravis said...

I felt tired just reading about all of those events! Definitely stay in bed with a good book and The Boys on Sundays. You deserve it.