What I've really been doing...

Things here at the house have finally gotten organized. Over the past two weekends, my office went from this

to this

And my basement went from this

to this

This pile is going to 800-Got-Junk

While this is going to Goodwill or eBay:

You have no idea how much freer and lighter my life feels. And now I can enter the 7-Day Declutter Challenge (with many more than 7 items decluttered, but it's the thought that counts, right?)


Aravis said...

This looks great! You were hard at work, but what a payoff.

HDMac said...

You have done an absolutely marvelous job! Your office looks so inviting and workable!!!!! oh, I do understand how much this lifts a burden and makes you feel lighter! I have been wrestling my decluttering "demons" over the past few weeks, too! lol I just love your "new" room!!!!!! Kudos!!!

Marcia said...

Hi Lazygal :)

I'm also a lazy gal :) I think you did an awesome job this week!

Beth Dargis said...

What fantastic pictures. Love the makeover.

Amanda said...

wow looks amazing!! congrats on winning!!